Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman Awarded "Grand Prize”



Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman Awarded "Grand Prize”

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman, a member of the MITOS Medical Technologies research team, has been honored with the "Grand Prize" at the 2023 Science Dissemination Awards for his groundbreaking project in the medical field.

The 2023 Science Dissemination Awards, presented by the Science Dissemination Foundation and Society to recognize and promote impactful contributions to our nation's educational vision, have announced their recipients.

The prestigious awards ceremony, attended by notable figures from academia, science, art, business, and politics, was held on December 16 at the Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center, with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman, a distinguished member of the MITOS Medical Technologies research team, was bestowed with the "Grand Prize" for his significant project in the field of medicine. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented the award to Prof. Dr. Akduman in recognition of his outstanding contributions.

You can watch the awards ceremony here.

About Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akduman is actively engaged in research and development activities focused on electromagnetic theory and microwave imaging methods at MITOS Medical Technologies. His work centers on the development of new technologies in medical device research and application.

Prof. Dr. Akduman has led research endeavors in microwave detection and imaging systems for early breast cancer diagnosis, the early detection and continuous monitoring of brain hemorrhage using microwave technology, and the development of novel medical devices employing microwaves to differentiate between cancerous and normal tissues during surgical procedures.

In addition to his research endeavors, Prof. Dr. Akduman served as the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at ITU from 2020 to 2023.