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MITOS Medical Technologies is established to turn twenty years of academic research experience into novel and cutting-edge technology medical devices for healthcare. Our commitment lies with providing highly reliable, low-cost, and safe diagnostic and treatment products. Ultimate goal of our company is to emerge as a global competitive innovator of medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and keep the core values that are aiding us to achieve this target. Our core values are, 
• Providing cost-effective, high quality products to enable early as well as right diagnostics and therapeutics.
• Enabling global access to healthcare.
• Being a global competitor in the healthcare industry.
• Close alliance with the physicians and patients. 
• Being an effective, fast moving organization.
• Providing an interdisciplinary, collaborative, inspirational work environment for our employees.
• Cultivating a culture of optimism within the company.



Pushing the boundaries of science to develop excellent, novel, reliable, well-designed medical diagnostics products without reservations and using business to make this technology available world-wide in order to expand the life-quality also the life-expectancy of humans. A close collaboration with physicians enables our company to innovate and produce high quality diagnosis equipment that can be employed in hospitals as well as in the operating rooms. With a start-up culture, our employees are encouraged to participate in the innovation process where every detail of a product is handled with meticulous attention. Our products are built with the effective collaboration of experienced business owners, academics, and the physicians where the needs of the patients are prioritized. Our internalized value is to keep this culture, start-up spirit, alive in our company and to continue expanding our product line by attracting talented individuals.


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