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Microwave tomography approach for error detecting and fatigue analysis of composite structures in aviation industry

Defects & Fatigue Analysis of Composite Structures

- Determination of the Material Characteristics of Buried Objects

- Determination of Shape and Location of Buried Objects

- Imaging Through Remote Only Data

- Imaging of Surface Roughness

Microwave Underground Detection and Imaging Systems

The most popular method of Breast Cancer detection today is X-ray mammography, which takes images of a compressed breast by low-dose ionizing radiation. However, there are several disadvantages to using X-rays for breast cancer screening, chief among them being the invasivity of radiation and the high costs, which limit their wide use and can deter women from getting them. In addition, depending on the age of the patient and tissue density, X-ray mammograms often result in false positives and negatives.

Microwave tomography can provide a cheaper and less risky alternative to X-ray mammography

- Alternative Approach to X-ray Momography

- Detection Possibilities  of Tumors As Small As 1mm

- Identification of Malignancies

- Accurate Determination of  the Tomur Location

- Determination of the Electromagnetic Properties of Tumors

- Non-Ionazing

- Independent of Female Age

Breast Cancer Detection and Imaging  

Academical Overview

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